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General Surgical Services

Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic Procedures of the GI Tract  •  Hernia Surgery  •  Thyroid Evaluations and Surgery  •  Skin and Soft Tissue Procedures  •  Management of Skin Malignancies  •  Surgical Emergencies

Oncoplastic Services

Evaluation and Screening of the Augmented Breast  •  Evaluation and Management of Implant Complications  •  Skin and Nipple Sparing Mastectomies with Expander Reconstruction  •  Oncoplastic Lumpectomies

Endoscopic Services

Screening, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Colonoscopy  •  Upper Endoscopy Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures  •  Pill Cam Evaluations

General Breast Surgical Services

Primary Evaluation of All Breast Complaints  •  Breast Cancer Risk Assessment  •  In Office Genetic Testing  •  Office-Based Ultrasound and Image-Guided Biopsies  •  Multi-Disciplinary Collaborations (Radiation Oncology, Oncology, Plastics)  •  Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Management  •  Pre-Augmentation Breast Evaluations and Risk Assessments  •  Comprehensive Cancer Procedures including "Oncoplastic Techniques"  •  Second Opinion Service  •  Lymphedema Evaluation and Management

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